Holiday Challenge

As part of the reading challenge over the holidays, 6M have been set a class reading challenge. I do not expect you to complete it all, only choose those which you’d like to read (better to read one book thoroughly than skim 10); maybe look up the title on google – remember: never judge a book by its cover!

Once you have read one, move onto the next. Being a member of Bolton (or other) library services is necessary – only takes 5mins at the library, and free. Once we return to school, I will have some general questions based upon the books and you’ll receive merits and dojos. Mathletics will also be set weekly, so post and let me know when you have completed the challenges so that I can set the next lot – you might get it all done in a couple of weeks!

You have a printed set taken home and can click on this link to see:

Recommended books for Year 5


I will check weekly so keep me updated and good luck!

Mr Mawson


Ancient Egyptians

Well done on all our posts Year 5! We are now learning about the Ancient Egyptians. As we go through the topic throughout the term, I would like to see any facts or information you have learnt posted – a prize to the most interesting! You can try and add a hyperlink if you want people to go to an interesting website you have found – a skill taught in ICT!

Space and Beyond!

We took ourselves out to act out the movement and relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon. Take a look at our video and, together with what you’ve learnt in class, try to explain the way they move and relate to each other (use the keywords rotate and orbit).

click on Sun, Earth and Moon to see how they move!

  • Try and add any other facts you know from the topic including amount of time it takes to rotate and orbit, etc.

May the force be with you!

Anglo Saxons Year 5

Since Halloween 5M have been learning about Anglo-Saxons:

Where they came from

Names of the tribes

Exploring an Anglo Saxon Village

Seeing what Anglo Saxon life is like

not to mention the Legendary Legend ……. Beowulf!  

Write down a fact you have learnt about any of the above – visit bbc learning for more.anglo-saxon-broaches-5anglo-saxon-broaches-9anglo-saxon-broaches-10anglo-saxon-broaches-14

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