Parents & iPads – workshop6

Parent workshopsHow time has flown this half term, today was the sixth and final parent workshop.

This week Mrs Lyons planned for the group to have a look at Mathletics and Spelladrome. We also revisited our programming skills, but this time using Mrs Lyons’s ipads and we looked at a couple of programming  apps – Kodable and Lightbot.

IMG_0079 IMG_0752

IMG_0754 IMG_0757

IMG_0789To finish the final workshop, we had some fun with the ipads.

We used the Photo Booth feature and here Mrs Lyons has added some of our best using the app PicCollage.





Parents hands on BeeBots – workshop3

Parent workshopsThe focus for our third parent’s workshop was programming.

The computing curriculum states that our children should start to learn how to  program from an early age.

So, today our parents were trying out our BeeBots, they planned and tested their programs and then set each other challenges like using the pause function.

IMG_0664      IMG_0663 IMG_0659 IMG_0658







By the end of the session everyone laughing and agreed that they learnt new skills and had fun!