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It is professionals’ week at St Mary’s

Today, children at St Mary’s met Cpl Bug Warmington from HM Royal Marines Band, Collingwood. We were amazed when he showed us some clips where he played the drums, as part of his job, for the queen and he showed us pictures of other famous people he had played for. He demonstrated how to do a drum roll and some of us were lucky enough to have a go.

Parents & iPads – workshop6

Parent workshopsHow time has flown this half term, today was the sixth and final parent workshop.

This week Mrs Lyons planned for the group to have a look at Mathletics and Spelladrome. We also revisited our programming skills, but this time using Mrs Lyons’s ipads and we looked at a couple of programming  apps – Kodable and Lightbot.

IMG_0079 IMG_0752

IMG_0754 IMG_0757

IMG_0789To finish the final workshop, we had some fun with the ipads.

We used the Photo Booth feature and here Mrs Lyons has added some of our best using the app PicCollage.





Parents Reading Eggs – workshop5

Parent workshopsThe focus for our fifth workshop was looking at more resources school have purchased to support English and Maths.

Mrs Lyons had planned for the group to look at Reading Eggs, Mathletics and Spelladrome. So we first looked at Reading Eggs,  we logged on and we each had a set of head phones,  one of our mums already uses this so was able to share how this has already helped her five year old to read.

reading eggsWe completed the reading test and started to look at all the different activities that we could do,  before we knew it the hour workshop was over!

Looks like it’s Mathletics and Spelladrome will have to wait till our last week session next week.

IMG_0740 IMG_0741

IMG_0742 IMG_0743

IMG_0744      IMG_0745